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Anyone heard about Warden?

Heya. I know I don't really post much or anything, but I just heard something that alarmed me more than just a little. For those of you who don't know about Warden, it's a small background-running program that monitors you so you don't hack or cheat in one form or another. But either they recently made some changes, or they are going to make some changes to it...


Basically, it can open a window into your computer. And any particularly unscrupulous member of staff could, y'know, go into your computer and retrieve things like your credit card details.

Just wanted to let you guys know. Please pass on the message if you feel so inclined.

Cross-Posted to girls_of_wow.

Edit: Okay. Didn't exactly think I'd get flamed for the warning. Just wanted to let people know what I'd heard, since it sounded a bit dangerous. A friend of mine is the one who told me, and explained to me. He's also friends with the person that writes that blog. He knows about this type of stuff. Thus far he hasn't lied to me, so I've deemed him a credible source.
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