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Is Cenarion a West Coast server?

Because, well. I'm frustrated. My current guild raids so darn late at night that I've been removed from the raid group because I go to bed. At 10C. I tried staying up to finish raids with them, but that whole 8 a.m. Central work thing really kicks that in the face.


I'm just wondering if I need to switch servers to actually be able to see end-game content. I'm totally out of solo outlands quests, sos! What's a girl to do? I certainly won't find anything in /lfg for Kara! [Other than a repair bill.]

If you want to Armory me and make gnome jokes: I'm Ashratu, 70 mage of engineering shortness.


Basically, I would appreciate any constructive tips.

If you're up for outlands group quests, leave me a message here. :)
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