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Is Cenarion a West Coast server?

Because, well. I'm frustrated. My current guild raids so darn late at night that I've been removed from the raid group because I go to bed. At 10C. I tried staying up to finish raids with them, but that whole 8 a.m. Central work thing really kicks that in the face.


I'm just wondering if I need to switch servers to actually be able to see end-game content. I'm totally out of solo outlands quests, sos! What's a girl to do? I certainly won't find anything in /lfg for Kara! [Other than a repair bill.]

If you want to Armory me and make gnome jokes: I'm Ashratu, 70 mage of engineering shortness.


Basically, I would appreciate any constructive tips.

If you're up for outlands group quests, leave me a message here. :)
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Yes, Cenarion Circle is a PST server. Strangely, most of my raid group hails from outside the PST, but we build raid times around PST for those folks who chose the server based on the time zone (rather than chance or friends, etc).

For central servers, Kirin Tor is an RP Server (like Cenarion Circle) and Eitrigg is a PVE server. Not sure about others. Kirin Tor seems fairly busy, while Eitrigg seems fairly newish/young.
On the whole "more you know" thread:

How do you know if a server is central/pst/etc? :)
I want to say there was something on either the WoW main site or the forums that listed it, but it may just be a buried thread. if you can find any of the sites that do WoW "census" stats (like horde:alliance ratios and populations), they usually list which time zone they are.

These three I know b/c I have characters on them :)
As a fellow gnome (68 prot warrior), woohoo! Much as the other commenter said, it's PST, and while I'm not in a hardcore raiding guild (we have one or two kara groups but I don't think it's been cleaned completely yet), I know that we have a big balance of people across the states, and a lot of our members are central/eastern for this same reason.
I've only been playing for six months. And I'm 70. This may say something about my playstyle. *g*
I've been playing since Feb '05, bought BC on release day, and yet, still don't have any 70s. I have a 60 priest (my original main), and now my warrior, and easily 10 alts that are all level 10+ (with at least four at 20+). :D I'm an altoholic.

My wife plays, her priest is 67 (and if she had played anything but a priest, I probably wouldn't have my warrior).

We used to play a lot more than we do now, unfortunately. She's now working on a master's and we got a puppy, so yeah, life has taken over unfortunately. We're hoping for 70 by summer's end. :D
Ahoy, Ash. Timsy here.

There's a whole bunch of us CST people in the guild, and, yeah, it's kind of annoying that they all game until the wee, small hours of the night, rather than, say, weekend afternoons. Buncha geeks...

I'm still hoping to get to the endgame stuff some day, but this business of working in Boston and flying back to St. Paul for the weekend is seriously cutting into my playing time, so it'll be a while before I get to 70.
Real life is kicking my ass.

Stalker. ;)
Hey, hey... just checkin' up on the community. It's not like I saw what you did last night...